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E-MTB Explore More

E-MTB Explore More


Our Explore More E-Bike course follows on from our Fundamentals course. We are again going to use the capability of an E-Bike to its full advantage so the course will be based around a journey. We will use a carefully selected route to incrementally develop your skills while riding through a stunning part of North Wales. In this course, we will up the ante in terms of the skills we will look at. So after quickly touching base on body position, effective braking, climbing and cornering. We will move on to pumping (generating speed without pedalling), rocky technical sections of trail, steeper downhills, drops offs and the starting blocks of jumping (for those who want to).

The route we will use in this course will be longer than in our fundamentals course with the aim to show you the full capability of your E-bike, it will allow us to look into battery management (so you avoid running flat in the middle of nowhere). Our aim is to give you the skills and confidence you need to start safely exploring more trails on your E-bike.

What kind of E-bike do I need to do this course?

Because we will be venturing on to more technical terrain we recommend an E-MTB for this course. This means you have knobbly tyres, flat handlebars, a minimum of front suspension and or full suspension.

What if I don’t have my own bike?

E-bike hire is available if the course you are attending is running out of Coed Y Brenin. Bike hire can be made separately through our partners Beics Brenin.

Do I need to do the Fundamentals course before attending this course?

No – You don’t need to have attended our Fundamentals course before attending this one.  We advise just having a think about your current skills level and seeing which course fits you best. If in doubt please feel free to get in touch.

What kind of trails will we be on?

The trails we will be visiting will range from blue, red and maybe even some black trails. We will also incorporate some wild (non-graded) trails to show you what else is on offer beyond the trail centre. Remember our hugely experienced guides will always make sure you are on a trail appropriate for your level and will adapt the route to fit the needs of the group and individuals within the group.

Am I fit enough to do this course?

E-Bikes are the perfect leveller and allow all fitness levels to get involved.


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Level 2

Ride smoother more efficiently and with confidence.

Level 3

Improve your skills on more technically demanding terrain.

Private Course

A bespoke session tailored to your specific needs.

Family Course

Want to improve your skills and get the whole family involved