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E-MTB Fundamentals

E-MTB Fundamentals


Our E- Bike Fundamentals course is designed to give you the skills to allow you to get the most out of your E-Bike. The course will focus on:

  • Pre-ride bike safety check
  • Bike set up
  • Basic skills (body position, moving your body weight around on the bike).
  • Effective braking
  • Climbing
  • Cornering
  • Simple Trail Side repairs (puncture, broken chain).

We see the E-bike as a fantastic tool to enable you to ride further and get to places you may not have thought possible on a regular mountain bike. For that reason we have developed the E-Bike course around a journey, so not only will you get to develop your skills, you will get to understand the full capability of your bike while travelling through a beautiful part of North Wales. This course is very much aimed at people just getting into the E-bike world and will create a jargon free, inclusive environment.  So, whether E-Bikes are your first venture into the off road world or if E-Bikes have encouraged you to make a return to mountain biking after some time away, this course is the perfect first stepping stone to give you more confidence on the bike, more understanding about how your bike works and some of its features. We want to help encourage you to venture a little further and safely explore more trails than you thought achievable.

What kind of E-bike do I need to do this course?

There are lots of different types of E-bike out there, but as long as your bike has knobbly tyres, two brakes and flat (not road style) handlebars then your bike should be fine.

What if I don’t have my own bike?

E-bike hire is available if the course you are attending is running out of Coed Y Brenin. Bike hire can be made separately through our partners Beics Brenin.

What kind of trails will we be on?

This is an introductory course and the trails will fit accordingly, there will be no technical rocky or rooty sections  or steep downhills. Additionally our experienced coaches will always make sure you are safe and will pick the route and terrain accordingly.

Am I fit enough to do this course?

E-Bikes are the perfect leveller and allow all fitness levels to get involved.


Course Information

Before your course

Location and Timings

  • The postcode for Coed y Brenin is LL40 2HZ, the coach will meet you in /outside Beics Brenin, the bike shop below the Visitor’s Centre.
  • the postcode for Colwyn Bay is LL29 8H, the coach will meet you in /outside Evolution Bikes.
  • All coaching courses start at 9:30am and finish at 4pm
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of the session.

What to bring on the Day

  • Bike and helmet in good condition – these will be checked by the coach before the session starts
  • Suitable clothing for the conditions.
  • Spare layers.
  • A suitable rucsac or equivalent.
  • Gloves and glasses.
  • Food / snacks suitable for your session – time will be made for lunch on all day courses.
  • Water.

What is on the site?

  • Beics Brenin. A fully stocked shop with bikes for hire. Hire bikes must be booked by the client before the coaching session.
  • A Café serving hot and cold food.
  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets.
  • Car park – please note you may need to pay for your parking.


Level 2

Ride smoother more efficiently and with confidence.

Level 3

Improve your skills on more technically demanding terrain.

Private Course

A bespoke session tailored to your specific needs.

Family Course

Want to improve your skills and get the whole family involved